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From time to time, our colleagues contribute their thoughts and knowledge through books and other literature. Strategic Directions, LLC is please to offer the opportunity to explore and learn.


Live A Difference by Marta Wilson and Cindy Schilling (2002) A groundbreaking, interactive book aimed at individuals and groups ready to develop clear intention and conscious commitment in all aspects of their lives.
Live A Difference Facilitator's Guide by Altyn Clark with Ken Smith (2004) Want to facilitate the Live A Difference experience? This book contains everything you need to succeed with groups of all sizes.
The Survivor Personality by Al Siebert (1996) Who survives? Who thrives? Based on 40 years of research, this book paints a portrait of the survivor personality. Discover practical coping strategies you can use and secrets of preeminent survivors.
Work Miracles by Stephen Hacker and Marta Wilson, with Cindy (Johnston) Schilling (1999) Explore how spiritual consciousness can transform your workplace, and experiment with proven techniques for leading conscious change.
Transformational Leadership by Stephen Hacker and Tammy Roberts (2003) This book guides leaders, managers, and change agents in how to create organizations of meaning, where purpose informs all facets of the organization.
The Trust Imperative by Stephen Hacker and Marsha Willard, with Laurent Couturier (2000) Gain valuable insights and learn practical strategies for making trust a competitive advantage for your organization.

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